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Cyber Program Management

HudsonAnalytix delivers trusted cybersecurity strategy, risk management, and advisory services to the global maritime community.


Our team of experts help port authorities, terminal operators, and other facilities by employing a holistic, enterprise-level risk assessment process and top-down maturity model methodology that defines the organization’s overall cyber risk profile, identifies relevant threats, and informs the development of relevant, practical, and sustainable cyber risk management solutions. 

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Hudson’s cyber program management capabilities include the following services:

  • HACyberLogix™ Platform

  • Cyber security program design and development

  • Cyber steering committee design and implementation

  • Customized program management office (PMO) support

  • Cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM)

    • Program design, development, implementation, and management

    • Independent validation and verification (C-IVV) support for C-SCRM

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