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Modernization and Digitalization

Once simple harbors, ports have developed into large intermodal hubs. In these complex ecosystems, digital solutions can improve and optimize the flow of traffic and goods.


HudsonAnalytix leverages deep industry knowledge and experience to deliver advisory services that support port authorities, terminal operators, and government agencies to maximize their uses of existing facilities, plan for future investment, and implement cutting-edge digital technologies.

Strategic Planning

A thriving port and maritime sector is a crucial part of a healthy global economy. The ability to move freight quickly and efficiently requires a modern port and terminal infrastructure and an effective network of accessible waterways.


Our strategic planning services include:


  • Strategic planning and advisory

  • Investment planning and advisory

  • Cargo forecasting and demand studies

  • Economic, cost-benefit, and development impact analysis


Optimized port and terminal operations are critical to maximize output, ensure competitiveness, and maintain effective trade facilitation.


Our port and terminal operations advisory services include:


  • Terminal operations and traffic management assessments

  • Due diligence assessments

  • Terminal operations feasibility studies

  • Land utilization and modernization


Modern ports and terminals require the implementation of digital solutions tailored for your operating environment.


Our port digitalization services include:


  • Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) optimization advisory

  • Cybersecurity analysis and planning

  • Port community system (PCS) design and advisory

  • Maritime single window (MSW) advisory

  • Electronic single windows for trade (ESW) advisory

  • Functional and technical specification design

  • Implementation plans and roadmaps


Ports and terminals are critical infrastructure for an economy, contributing to the realization of trade and movement. Because of their importance, they operate under a number of rules to develop and manage port activities to benefit society and the economy.


Our port governance advisory services include:


  • Legislative and policy analysis

  • Regulatory framework analysis

  • Operational and institutional assessments

  • Operating model advisory

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PortCall is a combined maritime single window (MSW) and vessel schedule coordination platform for ports, pilots, and agents.


PortCall helps ports:


  • Coordinate vessel itineraries and notifications throughout your port

  • Dynamically adjust last-minute scheduling changes

  • Comply with IMO Maritime Single Window requirements for electronic data exchange


PortCall’s subscription-based cloud computing saves time and energy across the port.

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