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In the News

The latest on what's happening with HudsonAnalytix and other important maritime industry news.

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2 January 2024, Gothenburg, Sweden - HudsonCyber joins The Swedish Club in supporting its members with cybersecurity advisory and risk reduction support under its Comprehensive Cyber Risk Insurance for Vessels.

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5-6 December 2023, Halifax, Canada - Join us at the Smart Digital Ports of the Future - North America Conference where we will be discussing the cybersecurity in the port sector.


15 November 2023, Miami, FL - HudsonCyber joins the launch of the Global Maritime Cybersecurity Consortium at the annual MTS-ISAC Summit, with CISO, LLC, Booze Allen Hamilton, Mad Security, FullBlown Security, and Morse Alpha Associates, to address the critical needs of the global maritime industry.


14 November 2023, Miami, FL - Max Bobys of HudsonCyber joins Chris Bhatt, CCO, of Aon in conversation with Scott Dickerson of the MTS-ISAC Summit on the subject of cyber insurance in the maritime industry.

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1 November 2023 - HudsonCyber to present at the MTS-ISAC Summit in Miami, Florida, November 13 - 15, on Cyber Risk Evaluation and Management.


20 June 2023 - HudsonCyber launches Maritime Cyber Security Awareness Course in collaboration with its partners, Smart Security Group and Maritime Protection Group.

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7 June 2023, Roatan, Honduras - Andrew Baskin of HudsonAnalytix accepts OAS'
Maritime Award of the Americas for Cybersecurity

Tampa Little Tug Boats Do Double Duty Hauling Transport

23 May 2023, Tampa Bay, FL - Port Tampa Bay leverages PortLogix to earn first in the country security accreditation.

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24 April 2023, Washington, DC - Barbados Port Inc. and HudsonAnalytix are recognized by the Organization of American States CIP, the Latin American Society of Marine Oil Terminal Operators (SLOM) and the North American Marine Environmental Protection Association (NAMEPA)  with the award for Cybersecurity excellence, innovation, sustainability, and scalability in cybersecurity for ports and/or terminals.


10 April 2023, Cham, Switzerland - HudsonAnalytix' Andrew Baskin and Max Bobys are contributing authors for port digitalization and cybersecurity to Palgrave Macmillan's Smart Ports and Robotic Systems: Navigating the Waves of Techno-Regulation and Governance.

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7 February 2023, Hamilton, Bermuda - In Shoreline's Maritime Risk Podcast, Episode 18, Captain Thomas Brown, CEO of Shoreline, interviews Max Bobys, Vice President of HudsonCyber, regarding the recent launch of Hudson's CyberIQ service, which is designed to help shipowners with their cyber regulatory and operational compliance in U.S. jurisdictions.

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7 February 2023, New York, NY - HudsonCyber's Max Bobys speaks on the Cyber Risks and Threats panel at the 29th Annual HACC-NACC Shipping Conference.

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