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Environmental Incident Plans and Response

HudsonAnalytix’s decades of experience and unique perspective in the maritime industry support port authorities, terminal operators, and other facilities navigate the complexities of U.S. environmental regulatory requirements. Hudson empowers its clients to comply with all regulations while maintaining smooth and profitable operations.

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OPA 90 & QI Services

While vessels are the major subject of the Oil and Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90), it also applies to facilities that handle, store, or transport oil. This includes oil refineries, storage terminals, and other facilities involved in the oil industry.

OPA 90 mandates facility owners/operators draft for approval Facility Response Plans (FRPs) and designate a Qualified Individual (QI) responsible for implementing oil spill response actions. In the event of an incident, the QI coordinates with response teams, communicates with authorities, and provides guidance and oversight for response activities.


HudsonAnalytix has served as the QI for vessels and facilities for four decades and is a trusted name in the maritime industry.

Spill Management

No matter the location, HudsonAnalytix’s worldwide response network allows us to provide efficient and well managed spill response and environmental management services.


As your QI and Spill Management Team, Hudson works on behalf of its clients to keep good communication between owner's representation and Federal and State authorities to minimize liability and maximize response effectiveness.

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Oil Spill Removal Organizations (OSRO) Capability Audits

Oil Spill Removal/Response Organizations (OSRO) are entities that specialize in responding to oil spills. OSROs play a crucial role in mitigating the environmental impact of oil spills and implementing response measures.


HudsonAnalytix has the qualified personnel, resources, and experience to provide facility owners and managers with OSRO capability audits that meet the routine and emergency needs of a facility’s operations, insurance, and environmental interests. These rigorous inspections evaluate an OSRO’s equipment, personnel training, response plans, and overall preparedness to effectively respond to oil spill incidents.

Training, Drills, and Exercises

Hudson develops and facilitates OPA 90 annual table-top exercises (TTXs), crisis media management training, and other drills and exercises to deliver highly coordinated and effective spill response whenever necessary.

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