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Security Risk Management

Ports and Facilities

On top of traditional concerns such as organized crime, drugs, smuggling, and terrorism, port facility security officers (PFSOs) must grapple with the complexities of regulatory compliance. Further, environmental vulnerabilities, geopolitical tensions, and the need for robust cargo security further compound the issues faced by these entities.


Effectively addressing these challenges requires a holistic security approach that integrates physical measures, operational protocols, and advanced cybersecurity strategies to safeguard the integrity and functionality of the maritime transportation system.


HudsonAnalytix is a leader in maritime security consulting, supporting ports and  facilities in complying with regulatory requirements and best practices, planning and implementing incident response procedures, and training security personnel to mitigate risk all while ensuring security plans are commercially viable, operationally focused, and seamlessly implemented.

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ISPS Code / MTSA Compliance

The International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code and the U.S. Maritime Transportation and Security Act (MTSA) require that every port facility must conduct a Port Facility Security Assessment (PFSA/FSA) and have a Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP/FSP).


HudsonAnalytix conducts PFSA/FSAs and develops PFSP/FSPs, which outline ISPS Code/MTSA compliance, designating a Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO/FSO) and detailing processes.


Post-approval, Hudson offers plan revision services for regulatory or client-requested changes.


HudsonAnalytix can also create Cyber Annexes, ensuring ports and facilities comply with USCG NVIC 01-20. Click here to learn more about Hudson’s cybersecurity services for ports and facilities.

Additional Port Security Services

Hudson’s security team supports all types of ports and facilities, including cruise, cargo, and petroleum, to provides an array of comprehensive security advisory services.


Capabilities include, but are not limited to, access control and video analytics; evaluation of security staffing needs; and risk assessments and security plans for unique port events, such as prisoner transfers or other sensitive cargo, as well as boat parades and other festivals.

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Training, Drills, and Exercises

HudsonAnalytix offers a variety of security training programs, drills, and exercises to ensure ports, terminal operators, and facilities are properly prepared to manage safety and security risk.


Hudson’s comprehensive training courses include Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO/FSO) and Facility Personnel with Specific Security Duties. They are certified by DNV and based on the latest U.S. and IMO requirements. They are aimed at assisting our port and facility clients in meeting their mandatory MTSA ’02 and ISPS code compliance.


HudsonAnalytix also creates and facilitates tailored drills and exercises to ensure ports and facilities are ready to deal with incidents should they arise.

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