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Training, Drills, and Exercises

Shipping Companies and Vessels

HudsonAnalytix offers a variety of training programs to ensure shipping companies’ vessels and land-based operations comply with regulatory requirements, provide professional development, and ensure personnel are fully aware of potential threats and how to mitigate those risks.


HudsonAnalytix also creates and facilitates tailored drills and exercises to ensure vessels and land-based shipping operations are ready to deal with incidents should they arise.


Training courses, drills, and table-top exercises (TTXs) that HudsonAnalytix offers include -but are not limited to- the following:


  • OPA ’90 annual tabletop exercise (TTX)

  • Non-US based tabletop exercises (TTXs)

  • Onboard drill support

  • Incident Command System (ICS) training

  • Crisis Media Management training

  • Vessel General Permit (VGP) training

  • Pre-USCG Port State Control (PSC) crew awareness training

  • Shipboard training programs


  • USCG-approved VSO training

  • USCG-approved CSO training

  • USCG-approved training for personnel with security duties

  • Sanctions Compliance

  • Integrated physical-cyber security table-top exercises (TTXs)

  • Integrated physical security and environmental protection TTXs

  • Disaster risk management TTXs

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  • Customized cyber security awareness training (modules and workshops)

    • Vessel officers + crew

    • Office administrative staff + executives

  • Board of Director training

  • Tailored cybersecurity drills, exercises, seminars, and workshops

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