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Business Continuity and Disaster Risk Management

Ports are vital economic hubs that facilitate global trade and serve as critical nodes in supply chains. As such, disruptions at ports and their facilities can have cascading effects on local and global economies and the associated risk needs to mitigated.

HudsonAnalytix provides business continuity planning (BCP) and other all-hazards risk management services, including risk assessments, business impact analysis, and the development of proactive strategies to mitigate risks, including emergency response planning and communication strategies.


Hudson also offers tailored tabletop exercises (TTXs), ensuring your organization is ready to implement contingency plans and confidently cope with disruptions.

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Disaster Risk Management

Disaster Risk Management (DRM) is a holistic approach anticipating, assessing, and reducing risks from natural and man-made disasters.

It aims to enhance resilience and minimize the impact on organizations, assets, and communities through coordinated efforts in risk reduction, preparedness, and recovery.

Business Continuity
Planning (BCP)

Business Continuity Planning (BCP), a subset of DRM, is a strategic approach ensuring organizations can sustain essential operations and swiftly recover from disruptions.

Effective BCP minimizes downtime, safeguards reputation, and ensures legal compliance, as well as ensuring employee safety, strengthening supply chains, and enhancing financial stability.

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