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In today’s hyper-connected business landscape, the global shipping industry faces escalating cyber threats, with integrated IT/OT systems making organizations vulnerable.


Cyberattacks in this sector uniquely traverse between shore-side offices and vessels, potentially compromising entire fleets. Cyber threat actors exploit security gaps, gaining unauthorized access to commercial data and IT/OT assets, risking data integrity and operational disruption.


Consequences include supply chain disruptions, financial losses, liability exposure, and regulatory fines. Beyond financial and legal impacts, cyber threats can target navigational or industrial control systems, jeopardizing vessel seaworthiness and safety.


Shipowners grapple with multifaceted challenges, requiring a nuanced understanding of cyber risks, their impacts, and strategic resource allocation for cyber resilience.


HACyberLogix™ effectively addresses these challenges.

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What is HACyberLogix™?

HACyberLogix™ is a cloud-based cybersecurity risk program management platform that supports investment planning, resource prioritization, and risk transfer decisions.


HACyberLogix™ supports ship owners and operators to develop and manage their cyber risk programs by

  • Facilitating consensus-driven assessments of cybersecurity capabilities across fleets and shore-based operations

  • Generating tailored, actionable recommendations to improve cyber resiliency over time

  • Aggregating scoring metrics to support informed, prioritized-driven investment decisions

  • Producing on-demand reports to easily brief the board, investors, and/or auditors

Key Benefits


HACyberLogix™ empower ship owners and operators to…


  • Save money by focusing resources on highest priority needs

  • Align resource allocation, spanning people, processes, tools, and funding

  • Monitor progress and track internal activities in real-time

  • Inform development and/or modifications to SSPs or cyber annexes

  • Benchmark capabilities against industry peers

  • Empower and educate staff through hands-on analysis

  • Promote collaboration internally and cross-functionally through consensus-driven assessment process

  • Govern cyber capabilities across divisions, subsidiaries, fleets, and supply chains ​

  • Launch a cybersecurity program in as little as one day

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Applicable Standards and Best Practices

HACyberLogix™ is based on a maturity-model methodology that helps an organization align with industry standards, best practices, and guidelines. 

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