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Cybersecurity Risk Advisory

Cyber risk is now one of the most important agenda items in today's boardroom discussions. While cybersecurity demands collective effort, long-term success of an organization's cybersecurity program requires active Board of Director engagement with CEOs, Managing Directors, and security leadership.


Since most Directors are not cybersecurity experts it is not uncommon for many of them to defer their active engagement and decision-making to security leaders.  This is a mistake and results in low levels of cybersecurity maturity at the board level. Cyber risk must be recognized as a fiduciary responsibility and managed as a risk to the Balance Sheet.

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HudsonCyber specializes in helping boards evolve their cybersecurity maturity and capabilities to ensure long-term organizational cybersecurity resilience.


Hudson offers the following cyber risk advisory services:


  • Cyber security insurance advisory

  • Risk quantification and loss scenario analysis

  • Cyber security capability assessment and risk analysis (HACyberLogix)

  • Cyber security strategy and risk management planning

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