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Port State Control (PSC) Examination Attendance

Port State Control (PSC) inspections can be intensive and costly for those who are unprepared. However, when they are anticipated and with Hudson’s experts in attendance supporting the vessel’s interests, they can be manageable and efficient, resulting in fewer delays, shorter inspection times, and better results.


Comprising former regulators and maritime experts, HudsonAnalytix’s in-depth knowledge of technical and regulatory requirements — including SOLAS, MARPOL 73/78 and Annexes, STCW, ILLC, ILO, BCH/IBC Codes, ISM, IMSBC Code, HSC, as well as USCG “hot topic” focus interest areas — prepares our clients for their inspections. ​

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Hudson’s PSC services include the following:


  • U.S. PSC Compliance Verification

    • pre-USCG Port State Control inspections

    • Facilitate USCG PSC examination protecting vessel’s interests

  • Certificate of Compliance (COC) Examinations

    • Conduct pre-USCG Certificate of Compliance (COC) inspections

    • Facilitate USCG Certificate of Compliance (COC) examination protecting vessel’s interests

  • Deficiency Clearances

  • Crew Training

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