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OSRO and SMFF Services

In accordance with OPA 90 regulations, an oil spill removal/response organization (OSRO) and salvage and marine firefighting (SMFF) service provider are required to be contracted. These entities specialize in responding to oil spills and vessel incidents. OSROs play a crucial role in mitigating the environmental impact of oil spills and implementing response measures as directed by the Qualified Individual and Spill Management Team.


SMFF services are crucial for responding to maritime incidents. Salvage involves recovering vessels and cargo to prevent environmental damage, using techniques like towing and patching leaks. Marine firefighting focuses on suppressing and extinguishing fires on ships or offshore structures to safeguard lives and the environment, employing specialized teams and equipment. The SMFF provider also performs emergency lightering of vessels which may be performed to remove cargo or fuel from a vessel to, for example, aid in refloating a vessel that is aground or to reduce the pollution potential of a vessel that is experience some type of emergency incident.


HudsonAnalytix supports shipping companies by facilitating the arrangement of these services. 

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