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Medical Bill Review Program

HudsonAnalytix’s Medical Bill Review Program offers transparent and cost-effective bill review and consolidation as well as audit and medical bill negotiation by working with facilities and providers on the best terms possible.


One of the largest sources of expense for a ship owner or shipping company is the cost for ill or injured crew, and trying to navigate the maze of billing procedures, CPT codes, and medical provider billing schemes requires time and expertise. The process is often further complicated by hospitals, which generally do not understand the complexities of crew medical billing.

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HudsonAnalytix has the expertise, knowledge, and proven ability to guide you through this confusing process and achieve reductions which are among the highest in the industry.


HudsonAnalytix processes each invoice and negotiates from the invoice. No pre-arranged contract rate, no courtesy discounts. Hard, effective negotiations.


Contact Hudson directly at 

Once Hudson's claims team has reviewed the bills, obtained the reductions, and received a signed agreement from the providers, then the funds to pay the provider will be requested.


On average, Hudson obtains reductions of 67% from medical providers.

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We work on a ‘No Cure, No Pay’ system, so if we do not save any money, there are no fees.

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