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CyberIQ Service (MCIQ)

While the global shipping industry is increasingly vulnerable, it is vastly underserved when it comes to effective cybersecurity solutions and incident response.

HudsonAnalytix’s Marine Cyber IQ (MCIQ) Service provides a seamless solution for managing cyber incidents onboard vessels – through rapid incident response, stakeholder coordination, and proactive shipowner engagement.

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What does Hudson's CyberIQ Service Include?

  • 24-hour hotline for triaging, scoping, and initiating response

  • Coordination of technical incident response providers

  • Reporting with the USCG and the National Cybersecurity

  • Communication and Integration Center

  • Scoping of incident and threat diagnostic

  • Remediation of vulnerabilities

  • Analysis of preserved data and reverse-engineering of malware

  • Coordination between crew, port stakeholders, regulatory bodies, law enforcement, and insurance

  • Scanning for artifacts – collection and preservation, as needed

  • Reporting out and communicating to vessel officers and owners

  • Compliance with all US Coast Guard cybersecurity breach notification and reporting requirements

Key Benefits

CyberIQ empowers ship owners and operators to…


  • Align cyber practices in Safety Management System (SMS) with cyber incident response

  • Mobilize breach response resources for fast-acting support

  • Comply with all USCG cybersecurity breach notification and reporting requirements

  • Ensure proper coordination between vessel crew, port stakeholders, regulatory bodies, law enforcement, and insurance

  • Leverage your company’s preferred digital forensic specialists and cutting-edge technologies to understand what happened

  • Test response effectiveness with annual tabletop exercises

  • Maximize insurance coverage and reduce downtime

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CyberIQ unifies the key pillars of cybersecurity response and recovery actions and is designed to meet the unique needs of the global marine industry. CyberIQ will help your organization minimize operational delays and lost money by rapidly responding to, managing, containing, mitigating, and investigation cyber incidents.


With CyberIQ, HudsonAnalytix offers shipping companies the most complete, comprehensive and resilient cybersecurity program for responding to and recovering from today’s maritime cybersecurity threats.

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