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Crew Medical Program

HudsonAnalytix’s Crew Medical Program is a non-emergency program that provides the next best level of care possible at a reasonable cost. Appointments at occupational health clinics and doctor’s offices will be used to avoid expensive hospital and emergency room visits.

HudsonAnalytix utilizes providers that are familiar with the shipping industry to ensure prompt medical attention and reduce crew repatriation delays or unnecessary  repatriation. The goal is to have the crew member returned to the vessel if medically cleared.

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HudsonAnalytix’s Crew Medical Program includes the following services:


  • 24/7 response and support

  • Medical appointment coordination

  • Clinical case management

  • Working relationships with medical providers

  • Excellent medical attention at reputable facilities

  • Serves all major U.S. ports

Clients who utilize this program see savings in both the short and long term by managing treatment from the onset, eliminating questionable procedures or tests, and using providers that are familiar with the shipping industry and deliver prompt medical attention.


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