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Automated Voyage Risk Assessment (AVRA)

Risk intelligence in maritime shipping is vital for proactive safety, asset protection, regulatory compliance, and environmental preservation. It informs strategic decisions, influences insurance considerations, and ensures the safety, resilience, and responsible practices of maritime operations.


Hudson’s Automated Voyage Risk Assessment (AVRA™), a web-based threat assessment software solution, helps shipping companies systemically reduce risk by providing information relevant for addressing real-time threat assessments prior to each voyage. AVRA™ also allows users to maintain secure records and track historic performance.

Hudson’s security team also conducts specialty risk assessments for one-off voyages, such as a prisoner transport or a vessel carrying high-risk cargo or traversing contested regions.

What is AVRA™?

AVRA™, or Automated Voyage Risk Assessment, is a proven security risk planning tool that swiftly identifies and mitigates risks to crew, ship, and cargo from maritime crime. It simplifies the ship planning process, providing owners and operators with a pre-planning tool for enhanced safety and security.


AVRA™ aids ship owners and operators in determining the most secure and sensible routes for their vessels by providing


  • Automated voyage risk assessments

  • Comprehensive threat analysis

  • Specific threat identification

  • Tools for effective risk mitigation


Maritime crime risks covered by AVRA™ in detail include general and organized criminal activity in ports, smuggling, drugs, corruption, domestic political unrest, terrorism, piracy, and stowaways.


AVRA™ is also a valuable tool P&I Clubs, underwriters, governments, educational establishments, and anyone seeking a greater understanding of current threats to shipping and maritime transportation.

Key Benefits


AVRA™ provides the following benefits to ship owners and operators:

  • Streamlines the risk analysis process through a web-based and automated platform, ensuring efficiency and speed.


  • Reduces losses and cuts costs by guarding against the financial impact of maritime crime.


  • Provides efficient and accurate information offered to underwriters to owners and operators with access.


  • Accurately identifies specific threats, allowing for timely incorporation of preventive procedures and countermeasures into the Ship Security Plan (SSP).


  • Empowers Company Security Officers to provide Masters with detailed and risk-based voyage instructions, enhancing overall security and effectiveness.


  • Contains an algorithm to assess the impact of various protective security measures, aiding vessel personnel in complying with ISPS and ISM codes.


  • Generates comprehensive threat reports that are diagrammatically presented in accordance with ISPS codes.


  • Offers global coverage, meeting the requirements of Industry Best Management Practice for combating piracy.

Aerial view of a bulk carrier at evening vertical photo_iStock-1480519830-smaller_edited.j

Applicable Standards and Best Practices

AVRA™ adheres to various best practices and standards in the maritime industry and helps ships comply with the following regulatory codes and standards:


  • International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code

  • International Safety Management (ISM) Code

  • U.S. Maritime Security (MARSEC) Directive 104-06

  • Industry Best Management Practice (BMP) for Combating Piracy

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